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Top 6 Benefits of Flexi Clips for Your Hair

Are you happy with your hair? Its health, how it styles, how it looks and feels? 

Does it ever seem to have a mind of its own or frustrate you on bad hair days? 

It’s normal to want your hair to look great, not just on good hair days, but every day. To achieve #everydaybeauty and love your hair, it’s up to you to give it what it needs. That doesn’t have to equal expensive treatments or a lot of time.  Here’s an easy place to start: stop using hair clips that are painful and cause damage. Instead, start using Flexi Clips

Feeling intrigued? Read on.

What are Flexi Clips?

Unique, premium hair accessories designed to secure your favorite styles without discomfort or damage. Flexi Clips are made of lightweight, but strong and flexible materials. They feature an exclusive, notched, attached pin. Nothing to lose (literally!) and everything to gain. Beautiful, comfortable to wear, no tugging at your hair and no damage. 

6 Benefits of Flexi Hair Clips

Designed in 7 sizes, to accommodate every hair type and style, these aren’t just a metal hair clip or barrette. Flexi Clips are a must-have in your beauty arsenal. Replace your painful, hair damaging clips with Flexi Clips and get ready to enjoy: 

1. Length & Volume

One advantage of Flexi Clips is their impact on your hair’s length and volume. Concerned about thinning hair? Flexi Clips secure your style without pulling or tugging. This leads to a healthier, fuller look. Less pressure on your scalp plus less hair pulled out, equals opportunity for increased length and volume.

2. Less Hair Damage

Elevate your hair styles without damage. Flexi Clips don’t dig into your scalp, put pressure on your head or cause damage to your hair. They’re easy to use and provide a quick and inexpensive way to create beautiful styles without any harmful side effects to your hair. 

3. Endless Style Possibilities

Dress up or down, day or night. Flexi Clips complement your style whether you’re going to a party, the office, or staying at home. As your schedule changes throughout the day, these flexible clips can change your look in an instant!

4. Ease of Use

These no-slip clips are simple to use. Simply twist your hair up or back and secure in seconds.  Looking to try some new style ideas? Check out our style videos for quick and easy tips.  

5. Comfortable – No more headaches

Cute hair shouldn’t give you a headache. Flexi Clips, (formally known as Flexi 8 hair clips), made with lightweight materials, and our unique curve to your head design, ensure there will be no extra burden on your hair. No pushing on pressure points, snagging or discomfort. Instead enjoy flexibility, fun and fashion! Lie back on the couch, on your towel at the beach, lean back in the car or just enjoy your active day. Your hair will look amazing! You won’t have to adjust it all day long, and it’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

6. Cost-Effective

Flexi Clips are an absolute must have for your hair clip collection. Starting as low as $11, they’re super budget-friendly. For less than $50, you can snag several designs and make styling your hair easy and more fun than ever before! 

Flaunt your Flexi!

Short, long, curly, straight, thick or thin. With Lilla Rose’s unique, high quality, hairstyle accessories, managing your hair will be enjoyable, comfortable, beautiful and easy! Let Lilla Rose help you enhance your hair’s natural beauty and set the stage for superior styling. 


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