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Cool and casual – Finding the perfect men’s button-down shirt for summer

As the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about updating your summer wardrobe. A versatile staple that every man needs is a selection of cool, casual button-down shirts that are dressed up or down for the warm weather months ahead. The right shirt takes you from the office to happy hour with ease. When shopping for summertime button-downs, look for lightweight, breathable fabrics. You want materials that will keep you cool and comfortable when temperatures rise. Some good options include.

  • Linen – A lightweight, casual fabric that breathes well. Linen has a relaxed, rumpled texture.
  • Cotton – Natural cotton is soft, breathable, and ideal for warm days. Look for cotton/linen or cotton/poly blends.
  • Chambray – This lightweight cotton fabric has a subtle woven texture. It’s perfect for a breezy shirt.
  • Poplin – Made from cotton, poplin is smooth, crisp, and lightweight. It won’t cling or wrinkle easily.

Consider short sleeves

Long-sleeved shirts feel sweltering once the temperature spikes. For maximum comfort during summer, opt for short-sleeve button-down shirts. Look for ones with sleeve lengths that hit right above the elbow. This is the most flattering fit for most men. Sleeve shirts offer versatility too. They easily transition from casual daytime wear to a night out when paired with jeans or chinos. For the office, try rolling up the sleeves on a lightweight poplin or Oxford cloth shirt.

Focus on fit

An ill-fitting button-down will look sloppy no matter the season. When shopping for summer shirts, focus on finding ones with a trim but comfortable fit. Look for these fit details.

  • Trim, but not too fitted in the chest and shoulders
  • Tailored through the sides – no billowing fabric
  • A comfortable amount of room through the back to allow movement
  • The hem lands near the hips or slightly below

When the temperatures rise, you’ll look polished with properly fitted button-downs. Bring any new purchases to the tailor for slight alterations if needed.

Choose versatile colors and patterns

Sticking to versatile color palettes is key when building a summer shirt collection. Look for these easy-to-pair shades.

  • Light blue or chambray
  • White or light grey
  • Neutral stripes, checks, and subtle plaids
  • Heathered grey, blue, green
  • Pink or salmon
  • Navy (great for the office or evenings out)

For patterns, small-scale checks, plaids, and ginghams work well in casual summer button-downs. Bold floral prints are seasonal too. These colors and patterns transition seamlessly from casual daytime activities to dinners out and summer parties.

Choose breathable undershirts

An undershirt is a wardrobe essential under a button-down, helping with sweat and keeping you cool. Look for close-fitting shirts made from moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or a cotton/poly blend. Avoid heavier cotton undershirts, which will cling and cause overheating. Be sure to choose an undershirt neckline that won’t peek out from your collar.

Invest in quality

With proper care, good quality men’s shirts last for years of summers to come. Focus your budget on purchasing well-made investment pieces you’ll want to wear again and again. Some Fashion Brand are known for their quality dress shirts. Focus on pieces in natural fibers that will breathe and keep you cool when the mercury rises. A few versatile high-quality shirts are better than a closet full of cheap options that won’t last.

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